Corsair HD120 RGB LED High Static 120mm Case Fan + Fan Controller - CO-9050066-WW

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The CORSAIR HD120 RGB LED high performance PC case fans combine excellent air delivery with individually controlled

RGB LED lighting.


Corsair HD120 RGB LED High Static 120mm Case Fan + Fan Controller - CO-9050066-WW

The CORSAIR HD120 RGB LED high performance PC case fans combine excellent air delivery with individually controlled
RGB LED lighting. By utilizing ultra-thin fan blades and PWM control the HD120 RGB LED fans are custom designed to
deliver air directly to high-temperature components with less noise and turbulence than ordinary fans. Under control of
an intuitive three button controller, the 12 independent RGB LEDs and 7 unique lighting modes ensures a wide array of
customization and vivid lighting effects. The CORSAIR HD120 RGB LED fans are tailor-made for those seeking excellent
airflow, quiet operation, and powerful lighting.

Independent RGB LED lighting: Each of the 12 RGB LEDs, built directly into the fan frame, are independent,
unlocking unique customization and lighting effects
Intuitive 3-button controller: Allows you to cycle through lighting effects, effect speeds, and colors
PWM Control: 800 -1725 PWM rpm control range
High static pressure: Provides improved performance over standard case fans.
Quiet performance: Ultra-thin fan blades ensure less vibration, noise and turbulence
Two year warranty: Your guarantee of reliable operation

Specification Value
Dimensions (mm) 120 x 120 x 25
Rated Voltage - Fan 12V
Rated Voltage - RGB LED's 5V
Operating Voltage - Fan 7V - 13.2V
Startup Voltage - Fan 7V
Rated Current - Fan 0.30A
Rated Current - RGB LED's 0.47A +/- 10%
Speed 800 - 1725 +/- 10%
Airflow (@ rated speed) 54.4 cfm
Static Pressure 2.25 mm-H2O
Sound Level 18 - 30 dBa
Connection Cable 4-pin
PWM Control Yes
Bearing Type Hydraulic
Cable Length - Fan (mm) 600
Cable Length - RGB LED's
(mm) 600
MTBF - Life Expectation
40,000 hours @

RGB LED Controller: 3 button (Effect Speed, Color, Mode)

  • Effect Speed: High, Medium, Slow
  • Color: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Demo (Cycle through all colors)
  • Mode: Static, Breathing, Pulse, Sequential, Marquee, Rainbow, Demo (Cycle through all modes)
RGB LED Hub: 6 port RGB LED hub

  • Allows connection of up to 6 HD120 RGB LED lighting cables to a single hub
  • Add more fans and have the same mode/color/effect speed across all attached fans

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