Zalman Z11 Plus High Performance Mid Tower Gaming Case

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Zalman Z11 Plus High Performance Mid Tower Gaming Case

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Zalman Z11 Plus High Performance Mid Tower Gaming Case

The front mesh bay cover provides cool air into the system while dust filters prevent dust from entering.

Up to 7 system fans are installed to expel hot air effectively from the case.

Interactive Cooling System : Hot air generated from HDD is expelled through both sides. Cooling Performance is maximized for HDD cooling, and the overall PC exhaust is increased.

For for user convenience, Top air vents expel exhaustive air from the top cooling fan. In addition, translucent acryl vents are effective for tuning.

Dynamic Side Acryl Tuning is provided for users to view the interior of gaming system.

Dust filters in the front and bottom mesh covers prevent dust from entering the system and keep the internal components dust-free.

Z11 Plus supports bottom PSU installation and provides an aperture for cable management to make better use of interior space.

I/O module provides dual USB 3.0 ports for user convenience and expandability.

Enclosure Type ATX Mid Tower
Dimensions 260(W) x 498(H) x 525(D)mm
Weight 7.4kg
Material Plastic, Steel
Motherboard Compatibility Standard ATX / Micro ATX
Power Supply Compatibility Standard ATX / ATX12V
VGA Compatibility Full Size (up to 290mm)
Expansion Slot 7
Drive Bay External 5.25' 4
Internal 3.5" 5
External 3.5' 1 (Convertible 1 x Internal 3.5” or 1 x 2.5” SSD)
Internal 2.5" 1
Front 120㎜ or 140㎜ x 1 (120㎜ Blue LED Fan x 1 built-in)
Rear 120㎜ x 1 (120㎜ x 1 Standard Fan built-in)
Top 120㎜ or 140㎜ Fan x 2 (120㎜ Blue LED Fan x 1 built-in)
Side 80㎜ x 2 (80㎜ Standard Fan x 2 built-in)
Bottom 120㎜ or 140㎜ x 1 (optional)
Side Acylic Tuning O
I/O Ports Mic x 1, Headphones x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 2
Color Black


  • Black

The case is a very good quality for the price, especialy since it comes with 3 fans pre installed, which are next to silent. Installing a system was fairly easy, and cable routing is simple, but it is hard to reach the motherbord screws at the top of the case; a roof mounted fan blocks access via *most* hands, but this can be removed. The caddy for a 2.5" SSD is very secure, and the screws included with the case fit just about any hardware (for the optical drive it says use bolt B, but using the other bolts is fine if B doesn't fit) and it was nice to see a seperate section for the hard drives. The case (size wise) is almost exactly what you'd expect from a mid tower case, but the 'grilles' on the side pannels may restrict placement in tight spaces. Overall, the case is exelent value for money and offers competent cooling for a budget/mid range ATX system.

very sleek and brilliant quality for the low price, is very quiet as i was expecting the 80mm fans to be loud but they are quite quiet really. would recommend to anyone. would go well with a corsair h100 cpu cooler along the two top fan mounts. the two led fans supplied give of adaquite light and look very smart in the dark. could be better if they done different coloursw as i want to replace the fans with green led fans. the windows is tinted very slightly purple and is bigger then it looks in the photos.
overall woth the money
bad points for me was my power supply is a bit short to reach all the way to the top to my dvd drive and some wires are highly tensoned due to this problem.
took a while to understand how the antivibration mounts work for the hdd's, took me overall 3.5 hours to change everything over to the new case which have the time was spent making sure not to brake the clips on the top pannel to fit another fan . WARNING WHEN REMOVING TOP PANNEL disconnect the wires which i didnt see untill it was nearly broken off as they are quite small.

This case made moving my old components a piece of cake. This case is spacious and comes with a few fans which have blue LEDs if your into that sort of thing. Can't go wrong with this case, I believe it has a very good air flow system and more slots for fans for the future.

I recommend this to anyone building a PC for the first time as it was really easy to move parts around.
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