Asus ProArt GeForce RTX 4080 16GB OC Edition 16GB GDDR6X Graphics Card

ProArt GeForce RTX™ 4080 16GB OC Edition GDDR6X brings elegant and minimalist style to empower creator PC builds with full-scale GeForce RTX™ 40 Series performance.

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Brand Asus
Model Number PROART-RTX4080-O16G
Warranty Support 3 Years
Graphics Card Model NVIDIA RTX 4080
Interface PCI Express 4.0
GPU Core Clock 2210 MHz
GPU Boost Clock 2625 MHz
Graphics Card Memory Type GDDR6X
Memory Size 16GB
Memory Speed 22.4 Gbps
Outputs DisplayPort, HDMI
Maximum Supported Displays 4
Maximum Resolution 7680x4320
Colour Black


Asus ProArt GeForce RTX 4080 16GB OC Edition 16GB GDDR6X Graphics Card

Blur the lines between imagination, the digital world, and reality. The ProArt GeForce RTX™ 4080 packs the venerable Ada Lovelace architecture and potent cooling into a 2.5-slot frame, bringing immense creative power to compact builds and full-scale workstations.

- NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Streaming Multiprocessors: Up to 2x performance and power efficiency  
- 4th Generation Tensor Cores: Up to 4x performance with DLSS 3 vs. brute-force rendering 
- 3rd Generation RT Cores: Up to 2x ray tracing performance
- OC mode: 2625 MHz (OC mode)/ 2595 MHz (Default mode) 
- Axial-tech fans scaled up for 21% more airflow 
- 2.5-slot design: allows for greater build compatibility while maintaining premium cooling 
- Dual Ball Fan Bearings last up to twice as long as conventional designs 
- 0dB technology lets you enjoy light gaming in relative silence. 
- Auto-Extreme precision automated manufacturing for higher reliability  
- GPU Tweak III profile Connect enables creators to seamlessly optimize system performance and cooling for every app

A Fresh Spin
Bigger and better. Axial-tech fans spin on dual-ball bearings and have been scaled up to propel 21% more air through the card, setting the stage for lower temperatures, less noise, and higher performance.

Orchestrated Chill
The two side fans spin counterclockwise to minimize turbulence and maximize air dispersion through the heatsink. All three fans come to a standstill when GPU temps are below 50 Celsius, letting you play less-demanding games or perform light tasks in relative silence. Fans start up again when temps are over 55 C, referencing a speed curve that balances performance and acoustics for work or play.

2.5-slot Design
Heatpipes efficiently wick heat into a fin stack optimized for airflow from the Axial-tech fans. The entire array is dressed in stealthy black to match the ProArt theme.

1st Responder
Digital power control, an array of high-current power stages, and a lineup of 15K caps ensure massive reserves to reliably push performance boundaries.

Reliability Boost
Auto-Extreme Technology is an automated manufacturing process that sets new standards in the industry by allowing all soldering to be completed in a single pass. This reduces thermal strain on components and avoids the use of harsh cleaning chemicals, resulting in less environmental impact, lower manufacturing power consumption, and a more reliable product overall.

Pillar of Support
The bundled graphics card holder banishes sag and also contains a screwdriver to help you build.


Model PROART-RTX4080-O16G
Graphic Engine: NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4080
Bus Standard: PCI Express 4.0
OpenGL: OpenGL®4.6
Video Memory: 16GB GDDR6X
Engine Clock (OC mode): 2625 MHz
Engine Clock (Default mode): 2595 MHz (Boost Clock)
CUDA Core: 9728
Memory Speed: 22.4 Gbps
Memory Interface: 256-bit
Digital Max Resolution: 7680 x 4320
Interface: 1 x HDMI 2.1a, 3 x DisplayPort 1.4a
HDCP Support: 2.3
Maximum Display Support: 4
NVlink/ Crossfire Support: No
1 x Collection Card
1 x Speedsetup Manual
1 x Adapter Cable (1 to 3)
1 x ProArt Graphics Card Holder
1 x ASUS Velcro Hook & Loop
1 x Thank you Card
Software: ASUS GPU Tweak III & GeForce Game Ready Driver & Studio Driver: please download all software from the support site.
Dimensions: 300 x 120 x 50 mm, 11.81 x 4.72 x 1.97 inches
Recommended PSU: 750W
Power Connectors: 1 x 16-pin
Slot: 2.5 Slot