AULA ​Ajudication & Kill Gaming Mouse Keyboard & Mouse Pad Gaming Combo

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The Aula 928 Gaming Mouse, 832 keyboard and Small Magic Mouse Pad Gaming Combo,


Aula Ajudication & Kill Gaming Mouse Keyboard & Mouse Pad Gaming Combo

The Aula 928 Gaming Mouse, 832 keyboard and Small Magic Mouse Pad Gaming Combo, the keyboard comes with 6 extra multimedia keys and a lockable Win key. It is equipped with a large palm rest for your hand allowing gamers to keep on playing for longer. The key cap is made using ABS+PC material meaning it gives gamers superior strength and flexibility.

The mouse is equipped with seven LED colours giving the mouse an outstanding and ergonomic design. There are 4 resolution levels to choose from:800-1200-1600-2000 and the exclusive multimedia 7 function mouse keys, make your work and gaming more convenient.

The mouse pad has a nice rubber material with a high density. The non-noise and slip resistance design on the mouse pad allows the mouse to be better attached ensuring gamers achieve a higher accuracy.

Key Features

  • DIY Keyboard Mode - Allowing Users to keep there work and gaming seperate by easily transforming the keyboard into normal mode and gaming mode.
  • Ergonomic Design - The large palm rest on the keyboard giving gmaers more time to play.
  • Multimedia Keys - The six extra keys allowing easy access to adjust your music.
  • 7 Colour LED Backlight - The mouse is equipped with a 7 colour LED backlight logo giving the mouse a different look.
  • Responsible and Stable - The gold-plated USB make it more responsible and the magnetic interference cable ensures a strong transmission signal.
  • Slip-Resistance - The surface of the mouse pad is slip-resistance helping you click more precisely.


Connectivity: USB
Key Qty: 110
Cable Length: 1.8M
Colour: Black
Working Voltage: 5V DC
M.T.B.F: 3 Million
Dimensions: (W) 455 x (D) 175 x (H) 27mm
Net Weight: 0.335Kg
Mouse :
Connectivity: USB
Button Qty: 7
Resolution: 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000
LED Colours:Red / Blue / Green / Purple / Pink / Orange / Yellow
Colour: Black
Working Voltage: 5V DC
Working Current: 100 mA
M.T.B.F: 3 Million
Dimensions: (W) 77 x (D) 115 x (H) 39mm
Net Weight: 0.141Kg
Mouse Mat:
Material: Rubber
Dimensions: (W) 230 x (D) 300 x (H) 3mm
Net Weight: 0.143Kg


Model Number:
928+832 COMBO
  • Black
  • Blue

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