AWD Aegis Intel i5 7400 3.5GHz Quad Core, 8GB 2133MHz DDR4, GTX 1050 2GB PC System


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AWD Aegis Intel i5 7400 3.5GHz Quad Core, 8GB 2133MHz DDR4, GTX 1050 2GB Gaming PC System

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AWD Aegis Intel i5 7400 3.5GHz Quad Core, 8GB 2133MHz DDR4, GTX 1050 2GB Gaming PC System

This system can be pre-installed with a genuine Microsoft 10 operating system. Please select the operating system you require for your gaming pc from the drop down box above and it will be supplied and installed for you prior to shipment.

Why You Should Purchase This Bitfenix Aegis Gaming PC:

- Prebuilt and configured. Just turn it on and away you go! (Providing you have an Operating System installed)
- Up to 32GB Dual Channel DDR4 memory delivers fast load times
- Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB
- Play the latest gaming titles at Medium/High detail
- Quad Core I5 3.5Ghz processing performance
- 1080p & 4K HD Support
- HDMI & DVI Support
- Triple Monitor Support
- Future Proof and Upgradeable

System Specification
- Case: Bitfenix Aegis Core
- Power Supply: 500W Gaming PSU
- CPU: Intel Core I5 7400 Quad Core CPU
- Motherboard: H110M Motherboard
- Cooler: AMD Copper or Select From Corsair Watercooling
- RAM: 8GB DDR4 2133MHz Dual Channel Kit - Options Available to Upgrade
- Hard Drive: Your Choice of Primary and Solid State Drive
- Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2GB
- Sound: Realtek ALC887 - 2/4/5.1/7.1-channel - HDMi - Support for S/PDIF Out

Delivery times are typically 3-5 working days on gaming pc systems. All of our gaming pc systems are built to order and are designed to be upgraded or changed should the customer require something that is not offered. Our staff would be more than happy to assist in choosing the right system for you and to discuss upgrades or technical advice should an issue arise.
For advice on our gaming pc systems or support we can be contacted Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm on phone at 01782 450573 or by email at
Please note that whilst we endeavour to provide information as accurately as possible, there are times when components may be cosmetically different than shown due to new revisions of hardware.


Intel H110M
Memory Capacity:
  • Black


Memory Type:
Socket Type:
Intel Socket 1151

Gaming PC Features

CPU Speed:
CPU Cores:
CPU Cache:
Motherboard Chipset:
Memory Type:
Memory Size:
Memory Speed:
Graphics Card Memory Size:
Graphics Card Memory Type:
Networking Connection:
Onboard Gigabit Lan
Case Colour:
Power Supply Wattage:


HDD Capacity:

This PC is shows great performance for the price and the spec.

Got one of these as a present, best gift I've recieved for the price it's a steal, quiet also, runs so smooth no problems what so ever also has 3 fan speed settings on top of the case

AWD Aegis Intel i5 6400 3.3GHz Quad Core, 8GB 2133MHz DDR4, GTX 750TI 2GB Gaming PC System - To all those out there looking to keep to a budget but still want to PC game this is the product for you....

Made to order these machines are built to spec and can be changed prior to sending out, all components inside are top branded by Gigabyte, Radeon, AMD, Kingston and Corsair and with the 2gb DDR2 graphics card you can play all the benchmark games on high to ultra settings, the only upgrade i made, was to upgrade to a Radeon HD 7750 GDDR5 1 gb and you can play anything you chuck at this system.

games tested that play on ultra settings:

Crysis 2,3
Dark Souls
Battlefield 3
Mass Effect trilogy
Resident evil 6
Deus Ex: Human revolution
Dead space 1,2, and 3

other info worth mentioning to anyone looking to buy a gaming rig, the comparison from a FX-6100 and a core i7 is almost identical on performance with games there's only 3-7 frames per second difference also the motherboard can be upgraded up to 32 gb and the CPU temp never exceeds 20 Celsius even while heavy gaming.

unlike some companies these systems can be fully customized and upgraded to fit your needs and the Staff of AMDI ltd. are a very helpful and friendly home run business and from my personal experience i would recommend to anyone :)

AWD Aegis Intel i5 6400 3.3GHz Quad Core, 8GB 2133MHz DDR4, GTX 750TI 2GB Gaming PC System - I bought this as a home pc in the first instance on which my son could maybe play some games..Wow this is the fastest,quietest pc I have ever not heard ! Had to buy a new monitor as old was too dated for better quality graphics card...coupled with my new fibre optic broadband it is amazing...Would thoroughly recommend...

AWD Aegis Intel i5 6400 3.3GHz Quad Core, 8GB 2133MHz DDR4, GTX 750TI 2GB Gaming PC System - I was deciding to move on from consoles and get myself a gaming PC. I looked at all my options, and this turned out to be the better deal. It took a long time to deliver, but the PC itself makes up for that. The case is a plain black colour- nothing too fancy. Yes, there are LED's in there. After installing Windows 7 , I wanted to see what this thing could really do.

Internet surfing is very quick and HD videos on YouTube look amazing in 1080p.


Planetside 2: The first contender on this new system, runs very smooth on medium settings (playable on high but expect moderate frame rate drops). It drops the frames a lot in built up areas, but that's the game's fault.

APB Reloaded: Around 45/50fps on high settings, dropping down to medium around 60/65fps.

Blacklight Retribution: I was unable to get the frames on this game, but I can tell you it was very smooth on medium (starting to see the pattern here?)

Cryostasis: This is an obscure, but very demanding game in the graphics region. I was only getting around 25fps on medium settings, dropped a couple down to low and it was at a nice 40fps.

Black Ops 2 (Multiplayer): After taking off the idiotic frame limit, and lowering AA, this game never dropped below 60fps and at times reached the 100's!

SWTOR: 40-60fps on high settings, lovely. Lowering to medium I managed to get 45-70fps.

TF2: Wasn't able to acquire frames, but it was almost flawless on max settings.

Will add more when I can get more :)

I forgot to mention that this system is incredibly quiet. Even when I was running all these games, I never noticed any difference in fan noise and it never ruined the experiences for me.

Would I recommend this? If you are in need of an upgrade, or you just want to play your games, then yes I would. Fantastic package for a reasonable price.
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PC / Bundle Warranty

Our extensive 3 Year warranty includes labour cover, fault finding and repair/upgrade over a 3 year parts cover period with return costs covered for the initial 6 Months of product ownership of your PC or Component bundle, whether required for fixing faults or even installing future upgrades!

This means that even if a fault develops after your 3 year parts cover period has expired, our engineers will still try and fix it for you, or at least, diagnose the cause and advise you of required component upgrades.

You can then take advantage of our low component prices and have our expert technicians perform the upgrade for you.

Also unique to ADMI and included in our warranty is Remote Desktop Support which can effectively diagnose up to 90% of non-hardware issues, without the need of returning the item. (Your PC must have the ability to power on for this aspect to be used).

We understand our customers require the peace of mind provided by extensive warranty cover. That's why we developed our Platinum Protection Plan, provided with any AWD-IT or ADMI PC and/or component bundle, which covers each component against any hardware fault for a full 3 Years from the date of delivery. In the unlikely event of a fault occuring during the this time, we will swap the part for replacement - for the first 6 months at no return cost.*

* Exclusions to cover:

- Software issues or faults caused by accidental damage are not covered under the warranty.

- PC repairs/modifications not performed by ADMI Limited will void the warranty.

- Damage incurred due to poor packaging when an item is returned to us is not covered. If being returned for a refund, a charge will apply to replace damaged parts. We strongly recommend customers keep the original packaging to prevent damage upon return.

(Adding certain internal components may not necessarily void a PC's warranty, however any issues which may arise from the addition of 3rd party components are not covered by the PC's warranty)

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