CiT Overseer mATX Dual Chamber ARGB Gaming PC Case w/ 3 Dual-Ring Infinity Fans

Elevate your gaming rig with the CiT Overseer mATX Dual Chamber ARGB Gaming PC Case. This visually stunning case comes equipped with 3 Dual-Ring Infinity Fans, delivering not only superior cooling but also a mesmerizing aesthetic. The dual-chamber design optimizes airflow, enhancing overall system performance. Upgrade your gaming experience with this feature-packed PC case designed for style and functionality.

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Brand CiT
Colour Black


CiT Overseer mATX Dual Chamber ARGB Gaming PC Case w/ 3 Dual-Ring Infinity Fans


Transform your gaming setup with the CiT Overseer mATX Dual Chamber ARGB Gaming PC Case, a fusion of style and functionality that takes your gaming experience to the next level. This meticulously designed case boasts a striking aesthetic and cutting-edge features to cater to both performance enthusiasts and design aficionados.


The standout feature of the CiT Overseer is its inclusion of 3 Dual-Ring Infinity Fans, not just for cooling but also to create a visually stunning atmosphere within your gaming rig. The vibrant Addressable RGB lighting provides a dynamic and customizable illumination that syncs with your gaming ambiance, making your system a true centerpiece.


The dual-chamber design of the case is not just about aesthetics; it's a thoughtful engineering choice to optimize airflow and thermal management. The separation of components ensures efficient heat dissipation, preventing hotspots and maintaining consistent performance during intense gaming sessions. Keep your hardware cool and extend its lifespan with the CiT Overseer's advanced cooling solutions.


Designed to accommodate Micro-ATX motherboards, this case strikes the perfect balance between form factor and expansion capabilities. It offers ample space for your components while maintaining a compact footprint, making it suitable for a variety of gaming setups. The sleek and modern exterior design, coupled with tempered glass panels, allows you to showcase your gaming hardware with pride.


The CiT Overseer doesn't just focus on aesthetics and cooling; it also addresses cable management with precision. The case features ample cable routing options, ensuring a clean and organized interior. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your build but also improves airflow by eliminating obstructions.


Upgrade your gaming rig with the CiT Overseer mATX Dual Chamber ARGB Gaming PC Case. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing glow of ARGB lighting, enjoy optimal cooling performance, and showcase your hardware in a case designed for both style and functionality. Redefine your gaming experience with CiT Overseer – where form meets function in perfect harmony.


Core Chassis Specifications

Case Edition 
Overseer Black

Case Form Factor 

Motherboard Form Factor 

I/O, Bays & Expansion

Front/Side/Top Panel I/O 
1 x HD Audio
1 x Mic In
1 x USB 2.0
1 x USB 3.0

Drive Bays 
2 x 2.5" Internal
1 x 3.5" Internal

Standard Expansion Slots

Fans & Filters

Fan Bays
7 x 120mm / 4x 140mm

Fans Included
3 x 120mm w/ Addressable RGB LEDs

Fan Controller/Hub
Built-in Fan Controller

Liquid Cooling Support
Top Radiator Compatibility
1 x 120/240/280mm

Bottom Radiator Compatibility
1 x 120/240/280mm

Rear Radiator Compatibility
1 x 120mm

Side Radiator Compatibility
1 x 120/240mm


Max CPU Cooler Height
157 mm

Max GPU Card Length 
330 mm

Cable Routing Space
55 mm

Side Panels


Window Configuration 
1 x Front
1 x Main Side

LED Lighting Functionality

LED Lighting

LED Lighting Emitters
Included LED Fan/s

LED Lighting Colour

LED Lighting Support & Control
Control via Inc. Controller/Hub (Software Control)

Power Supply Compatibility

PSU Included

PSU Support 

PSU Mounting Location
Bottom Mount, Rear

Chassis Physical Specifications


Chassis Construction Materials
SPCC / Tempered Glass

278 x 377 x 416 (WxHxD mm)

5.2 kg (Approx)