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Crucial Memory

£85.00 (£70.83 ex VAT)  
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BLS2K8G4D30AESBK, Lifetime Warranty, 16GB, Grey, DDR4, 15-15-15-36, 3000Mhz

Designed for performance enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who simply wants to get more out of their system, Ballistix Sport LT DDR4 memory helps you do just that. Give your processor the resources it needs to perform and make your computer faster and more responsive.

£40.00 (£33.33 ex VAT)  
1 item(s)
CT4G4DFS824A, Lifetime Warranty, 4GB, 2400MHz, Desktop DDR4, DRAM, CAS 15, 2133Mhz

More speed. More bandwidth. More efficient. Next generation DDR4 memory is here.

£34.99 (£29.16 ex VAT)  
9 item(s)
CT51264BD160BJ, 4GB, DDR3, DDR3L, 1600MHz

There's an easy cure for a slow computer: More memory. Designed to help your system run faster and smoother, Crucial Desktop Memory is one of the easiest ways to improve your system's performance