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£209.99 (£174.99 ex VAT)  
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P1-1000-BELX, Black, 135mm, 1000W

XFX ProSeries exclusive SolidLinkTM Technology replaces wires - which cause wattage loss - with direct pin connections. The result is a extremely efficient high-power PSU. Also, with EasyRailTM Technology, you get one single rail for maximum power and easy set-up.

£134.99 (£112.49 ex VAT)  
P1-850B-BEFX, Black, 120mm, 850W

Designed for serious gamers and DIY professionals, the XFX XTR Series 850W Full Modular 80 Plus Gold power supply delivers the clean and stable power required for demanding gaming rigs and workstations.

XFX dares to go where the competition would like to, but can’t. That’s because, at XFX, we don’t just create great digital video components—we build all-out, mind-blowing, performance-crushing, competition-obliterating video cards, power supplies, and computer accessories. And, not only are they amazing, you don’t have to live on dry noodles and peanut butter to afford them.

Professional gaming products for hardcore gamers
From Graphics Cards, to PSUs and PC Cases, we at XFX are gamers who love gaming so every product we make is designed by gamers for gamers to ensure that it gives you the best gaming experience possible.