E-Blue Gaming is a 16x award winning Gaming Furniture and Gaming Peripherals Manufacturer that started in 1999 by a group of passionate gamer's from Japan and China.

Being acknowledged as an emerging force of nature in the gaming world by the likes of Disney, PC and Gamer Magazine plus many others, we feel it is the perfect time to expand our brand into house holds around the world.

E-Blue is a staple gaming brand in parts of Asia and we are now taking our amazing products to market across North America to be enjoyed by many.

We feel we build the very best E-Sports arena experiences. With over 400 global locations, we are leading the charge to bring E-Sports to the masses.

We pride ourselves on innovation and the ability to manufacture our own gear. In doing so we are able to provide our customers with a complete gaming solution from the peripherals to the furniture.

Supporting the gaming industry is in our blood. Come take a ride with us and step into your new battlestation.

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