Ultimate PC Upgrades at AWD-IT with Intel 12th Gen Processors

AWD-IT’s Marketing Manager talks the impact of quality and value for the Gaming PC community

AWD-IT are one of the leading Gaming PC System builders in the UK. We work tirelessly and in close partnership, with the industry’s premier hardware brands to create Gaming PCs of unbeatable performance and value. On top of that we are the number one seller of PCs for Gaming on the Amazon Marketplace in the UK.


We have an excellent build team who go above and beyond to make sure our systems offer the quality standard our customers deserve, from superior cable management down to the smallest details. We even have a dedicated discord channel just for our build team to showcase their top builds of the day!

From start to finish our main priority is focused on our customers, we’re constantly listening and most importantly looking to improve our services with every interaction. 

It's amazing to be in the type of position with such passionate and driven owners who put trust in their staff to make the right decisions for our customers and in return help grow the business. Not only does this mean we can provide higher quality products at affordable pricing, but it allows us to give back to our community with monthly giveaways, promotions from our partners and discounted prices. Always looking to give back to our dedicated and new customers.

How AWD-IT is Building a social hub for Gamers

Now as much as we love talking about ourselves, let’s showcase what our awesome community thinks about us! It’s no surprise why we’re so highly rated on Trustpilot and consistently improving based on the feedback we receive. So what makes us so special? We asked our dedicated discord members what they were looking for and how we were able to assist them with getting their ultimate Gaming PC!

"Overall a great company that services the needs of the enthusiast as well as the Newbie community at great prices with no compromises in support or quality."

  • “I choose AWD-IT due to great Pricing, Availability and Support. I don't believe Anyone else in this industry is as helpful to their community of customers as AWD-IT is. From helping members of the community with Brackets when OEM's wont step up the plate AWD will and if a newbie DIY builder is having issues they are given the support they need by either staff or members of the community. Overall a great company that services the needs of the enthusiast as well as the Newbie community at great prices with no compromises in support or quality. Great options for off the shelf solutions and a great selection of parts for the Hobbyist builder. Cannot go wrong with AWD-IT.”
  • “I initially chose AWD because of their pricing, and stayed for the awesome community and service, as Jordan mentioned, AWD-IT stepped with providing me with an AIO bracket where the OEM leaves me hanging, and I believe they'd do that for anyone. As well as helping anyone from newbie to pro builder, it is really the "personal touch" that does it for me.”

  • “I chose AWD because of their great pricing, awesome customer support, and wide array of options. They answered any qualms I had and willing sent over a replacement cooler. Their willingness to help was what really impressed me, great company.”

  • “I chose AWD due to a friend’s recommendation originally. After snooping the site I found exactly what I wanted for a great price and everything was so easy to navigate despite being a total pc noob! Had an email about stock issues but support was great and helped sort everything, I was honestly shocked with how easily I able to get the issue resolved, I’ve never experience such good customer service before. Definitely left me wanting to stay loyal and order again in the future!”

As our discord server grows closer to 1000+ users, it gives us time to reflect on how important it is to listen to our customer's feedback & push beyond our own boundaries to achieve the best quality and value. You'll always find a staff member to ask for help on your next gaming PC or current system, so why not join us here: AWD-IT Discord.

Our mission is to continually improve. We invest in our people, our service and internal systems daily, enabling us to provide our customers with the highest possible level of service before, during and after their purchase.

Our quality is unmatched and now thanks to our partnership with Intel we can finally take a stand and showcase high performing systems at excellent value. The quality of components are improving and intel are listening. We now offer the fastest next generation Gaming PCs with Intel's 12th generation processors & Blisteringly fast DDR5 Memory. We look forward to seeing where this exceptional performance brings intel in the upcoming years.

Intel 12th Gen Processors

Intel 12th Gen Processors give gamers the perfect selection from the DIY Builder to the first time buyer with our Custom Gaming PCs. No matter the need Intel has the product for our customers.

Speaking of amazing products!


We’ve recently released our own gaming brand X= to bring even more value for our customers, with a full range of gaming monitors at competitive prices. Making it easy for those who are looking for an affordable Gaming PC package with our X= Monitors included. 


Take our AWD Void X Intel i5 12400F & RX 3060 Gaming PC Package for example, with the latest Intel processing performance & Nvidia’s RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards for true Next Gen Gaming.

X= Monitors