Issue with your PC?


If you have received empty boxes with your Pre-built PC, don't worry! component boxes are included for you to retain for warranty purposes however they are empty boxes as all components are Pre-installed in the PC.


Please check if you have connected the correct display cables to the correct ports, you will have been provided with a help setup sheet with your new PC.

(Take note some PC's have GPU's which are Graphics cards as an extra and others only have the CPU to handle the Graphic output)

If you have a system with a graphics card (highlighted in green) then that should always be your primary and only display output, otherwise connect your monitor to the Motherboard Output (highlighted in yellow).

Above are images of the 3 most commonly used display ports


Over the phone our technical team will simply take you through this process to narrow down if the fault is an individual component malfunction.

(Any hardware fault caused by following these step with due care will be covered under warranty)

1. Power off the PC and unplug the Kettle lead from the back, also flick the switch to off

2. Facing the front of the PC, then remove the left side-panel

3. Locate the sticks of memory, these are usually to the top right hand side of the motherboard in lanes. remove one single stick then power on the PC to see if the issue continues,

Repeat this step with different sticks and also using different lanes, The chances are that one stick of memory is faulty and this will help you to locate it.

(60% of issues can be resolved this way)

Windows Corruption/ Windows Re-installation

1. You need a minimum of a 4GB USB Flash Drive/ Pen Drive and any working Windows PC

2. Plug USB stick into working PC

3. Download "Media Creation Tool" and save it to desktop

4. Run the media creation tool.

5. Choose "Create media for another PC"

6. Agree to license agreement, On the next screen it will say "Windows 10, US English, X64 – un-tick the little box that says "use optimal settings for this PC" , CHANGE TO UK ENGLISH and click next.

7. On the next screen choose USB as where you want the media created

8. Click next and the program will create a bootable windows disc on the USB drive (This can take 20 mins to an hour or longer depending on the speed of your internet and speed of the PC.)

9. Once it has finished, plug it back into the PC we are trying to fix (Black USB Port), Power on the PC and "THE SECOND YOU HIT THE POWER BUTTON" keep pressing F12 on the keyboard.

10. A small "Boot Manager" menu will pop up - use the arrow keys to highlight the USB stick and press enter.
Windows will start from the USB stick.

11.Fill out the usual bits and bobs with country, time zone etc. ENSURE that when windows version is asked you choose the correct version (PRO OR HOME – check your windows license sticker to see which version you have.)

12. When you reach a screen saying "UPGRADE OR CUSTOM/ ADVANCED Install choose the Custom/ advanced option.

13. A small window opens up showing your hard drive with all its partitions and file system.

14. Delete "EVERY SINGLE ENTRY ON THAT LIST" (There will be one left that you cannot delete entitled "Unallocated Space" - That is your now TOTALLY clean hard drive.)

15. Hit next - windows will install

Once you reach the windows desktop you should find everything is pretty much taken care of and you shouldn’t need any driver discs to install. The only exceptions will be graphics drivers.

If you have an AMD graphics card/ APU system you need to install and run this: or Click here -> Download Page

If you have an NVIDIA Graphics card you need to install and run this: -> Download Page

If you are still having issues then Please give us a call on 01782450573 ext 2