Meet The Team

Alex Managing Director Mike Managing Director

Enjoys Gardening and has a penchant for a good Battenburg.

His Favourite film is ‘The Godfather Part 2’.

Enjoys Biking and Salt & Vinegar crisps.

His Favourite film is ‘Taken’.

Phil General Manager Paul Content & Marketing

Enjoys anything CamperVan related, with a particular penchant for Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes.

His Favourite film is ‘ 'Weekend at Bernies ’.

Enjoys Art & Design, Audio Production and is a WWE fanatic.

His favourite film is 'Return to Oz'.


Customer Support and Product Management.

Dale S.

Social Marketing and Product Management.

Avid gamer and fan of Anime

His favourite film is 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.

Enjoys making Tech Review Videos and performing card magic tricks.

Gina Accounts Carl Tech Team Coordinator

Enjoys gardening and chocolate.

Her favourite film is 'Back to the Future' (and is also an afficianado of Classic Disaster Movies).

Enjoys gaming and beer (at the same time).

His favourite film is 'Lord of the Rings' (refused to specify which one).



Meg Builds and General Ops.

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Enjoys creating wondrous Digital Artwork and listening to "cheesy music".

Her favourite film is 'My Little Pony'.

PC Builder / Tech Support

Dale W. PC Builder

Enjoys DIY and Rum & Coke.

His favourite film is 'In Bruges'.

Enjoys playing guitar and is a keen practitioner of Yoga/MMA.

His favourite film is 'BladeRunner'.

Tom Warehouse Operative Craig Warehouse Operative

Enjoys going to the Gym and listening to Reggae.

His favourite film is '8 Mile'.

Enjoys driving and beer (although obviously not at the same time).

His favourite film is 'Friday'.