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Networking Equipment

Networking equipment includes network routers and a range of network products which can make setting up your internet, or indeed intranet, a complex exercise. The basics are that if you want your computer to link with your internet wirelessly then you will need a wireless adapter or network card. If you need the signal boosting then you will need a booster or signal extender. If you need to accommodate multiple computers and you want to ensure a fast connection by plugging them in via an Ethernet cable then you will need a suitable switch to handle each cable connection. We offer a range of switches and the size of what you need will have an impact on price though the best you can afford is good practice in this area.

The handy USB adapter makes plugin wifi a breeze and we also sell network attached storage so you can give your computers a complete backup solution. If you are not sure exactly what you need or if you have an issue with your current setup then do get in touch with the team who will be able to guide you: