Are Gaming PC's Good For Everyday Use? & What Purposes Do They Have

Posted by   Paul Dunn

"Are Gaming PC's good for everyday use?"

Definitely! even a lower-end gaming PC will have very good processing power, as well as providing high definition audio and video outputs which mean using the PC as an entertainment system for videos and music streaming are easy and handled very well by the hardware.

For small or home businesses a gaming PC can quite often provide more power and speed than a standard office desktop, thereby raising your productivity!

If you want a PC for everyday use which provides a little more 'oomph', then check out the range below:

A question we also get asked a lot is: "What else can I use my Gaming PC for?".

The answer is: "Pretty much everything!"... If a PC is capable of playing games, it is capable of many other uses.

More specific frequently asked questions are: "Are Gaming PC's good for video editing?"

Again, the answer is yes. the graphics processing capabilities of a gaming PC mean that it is very well equipped for quite advanced video editing. Even pro and advanced users opt for gaming hardware in their machines for video work.

The high-end nature of a gaming PC's CPU means that it can process video extremely quickly and efficiently - and with a decent graphics card, users of Adobe software can make use of the programs GPU rendering to make video creation a breeze.

A similar question is: "Are Gaming PC's good for photo editing?"

And this is a similar answer to to the above in regard to video making. In general, because a gaming PC is designed for the processing of large amounts of visual data, this also lends itself very well to photo editing applications, where very large photo files need to be manipulated and edited along with the use of photo effects and filters etc.

Professional photographers quite often use gaming hardware to produce their work as the software they use directly benefits from the power of gaming components.

The following PC's are extremely well suited to Video and Photo editing:

And finally, an ever more frequent question. "Are Gaming PC's Good For Music Production?"

This is a slightly trickier question, but the general answer is yes!

While Audio production relies less on the display-related benefits provided by gaming PC's in terms of graphics, many small studios make use of multiple monitor set-ups so that various aspects of the project can be displayed at the same time - for example, the individual tracks within a sequence or song on the main screen, with instruments in use displayed on another, and quite often yet another monitor for the virtual mixing desk.

running these displays obviously requires a decent level of Graphics card to be able to output to multiple monitors.

The audio production process in itself requires a decent CPU with lots of processing cores, along with a higher than usual amount of RAM, plus lots of storage space for large project files. A mid-range gaming PC ticks all of these boxes.

In terms of the Audio capabilities of the PC itself, while these are usually good enough for playback of common audio files, a bedroom studio is likely going to want to use an external USB audio input to handle audio in and out of the recording software. The high-speed USB 3 ports of a gaming PC are perfect for this.

home or bedroom studios may also quite often need to record live instruments or vocals in the same room as the PC is situated - and therefore don't want to have the noise from a bunch of case fans etc being picked up by the mic, so that's also something to bear in mind!

If you are interested in a PC for audio production, drop us an email or give us a call and we can help you find a specification which suits your individual requirements!

And if you need a bit more information on any of the topics in this article, you can get in touch via the usual channels - call 01782 450 573, email, find us on or use @AWDIT on Twitter.

There's always a member of the team ready to help!


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