AWD-IT Latest News - New XFX PSU's now in Stock!

Posted by   ADMI Limited

XFX TS Gold 650W PSU Gold Certified Power Supply P1-650G-TS3X

XFX TS Gold 750W PSU Gold Certified Power Supply P1-750G-TS3X

80 Plus Certified PSUs are the most power efficient power supplies designed to reduce lost wattage and reduce your overall power consumption. Also our high quality components ensure that your PSU will stand the test of time.
Design for high performance gaming with high power options and multi-GPU ready design.

XFX XTR 750W PSU Gold Certified Modular Power Supply P1-750B-BEFX

  • EasyRail Plus Technology
  • Total Thermal System
  • Ultra Quite Fan Design
  • Ultra Voltage Regulation Design


XFX Pro Black 1250W PSU Gold Certified Modular Power Supply P1-1250-BEFX

XFX ProSeries exclusive SolidLinkTM Technology replaces wires - which cause wattage loss - with direct pin connections. The result is a extremely efficient high-power PSU. Also, with EasyRailTM Technology, you get one single rail for maximum power and easy set-up.

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