AWD-IT Latest News - Now in Stock: Microlabs M1910 64W RMS 5.1 PC Speaker System

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Now in Stock: Microlabs M1910 64W RMS 5.1 PC Speaker System

This powerful 5.1 system will enhance your TV audio set-up to full home theatre spec.
With hi-tech sound technology and multiple connection options for all your devices...

in stock now and only £85.00

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True home theatre effect

M1910 has four surround satellites, one front center satellites and one subwoofer to create the best home theatre effect. The front satellite creating delicate top-end sound movements and four surround satellites placed at the rear for extra sound dimension. The powerful subwoofer with built-in amplifier gives you unprecedented vocal and depth in bass frequencies.

Advanced audio connection options

supplied with both TOSlink and Coxial allowing you to use the M1910 with devices such as PS3, XBOX360 or the other PC sound cards with s/PDIF connector devices, enhancing the audio effect to improved performance level.

Thoughtful control system

M1910 also comes with one remote controller for standoff sound adjustment, giving you total control and convenience.


Pure sound with PCM technology for original sound production

Powerful 5.1 subwoofer system with dynamic cinematic effects

Connects to stereo and 5.1 audio source such as DVD player and gaming devices
Enhance your movie effects to cinema quality that fills your room
Immerse yourself in your games with acoustic effects
5 satellites that fill your room with dynamic sound and excite your senses
True audio output with TOSLINK and Coaxial connectors for minimum noise
Remote control for standoff adjustments

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