AWD-IT Latest News - Shogun Bros Ballista MK-I

Posted by   ADMI Limited
AWD-IT Latest News - Shogun Bros Ballista MK-I

with a huge 8200dpi setting, the Ballista MK-1 features ultra accurate laser tracking and a host of programmable buttons normally found on other mice way above this price-point.

Customized Mode
。 5 Preset Gaming Mode for FPS, MMO, RPG Type of gaming
。 Total 50 customized button for Gamer in 5 Mode
。 "Gamer Name Their Own Mode" - Mode name show up when gamer change the mode
。 Backlit Color to On Each Mode and Change in Lightning Speed
t Extreme Specification
。 Pro Gaming Grade HD Laser Sensor and Image Processor
。 Extreme 8200 DPI / Extreme 1000HZ Polling Rate / 12000 Frame Per Second
Ergonomic and Lightning Reaction Control
。 Left Thumb Rest with Thick "Rubber Sofa"
。 Military Grip Surface on Right Fingers Rest for "Best Control"
。 Total Finger Rest Design
。 Rubberized Coating on Main Body for "Best Grip and Comfort"

Advanced Game Level Hardware Parts

。 Golden Plated USB
。 Anti-interference - Best stable and fast Signal (USB Magnet)
。 Tough - Military Fabric Cable

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