AWD-IT Latest News - XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand - FX-TRIS-TAND Now in Stock

Posted by   ADMI Limited

XFX Triple Display Monitor Stand - FX-TRIS-TAND
Supports up to three 24-inch monitors or two 27-inch monitors

XFX’s Triple Display Monitor Stand is specially designed to withstand the most intense gaming sessions as well as extreme work days. Adjust your monitors - individually or collectively - up to three 24" monitors or two 27" monitors - for height, angle, and rotation.
Exclusive XFX design style makes this the coolest multi-monitor stand on the market with great features to compliment your gaming lifestyle

Triple Monitor Support
Landscape or Portrait Viewing Modes
Integrated audio and USB capability
Up to 3 24" monitors or 2 27" monitors
Clean cable management system
Easy to setup and install

Made from high quality steel and ultra durable plastic, the XFX Triple Monitor Stand is easily adjustable to your needs and is design to last.

Adjustable armitures
Sturdy weighted base for ultimate stability
Sturdy adjustable mounting brackets