Questions & Answers With Some of the Best Content Creators Within The Gaming Industry

Posted by   Paul D

Lockdown has been difficult for many of us, although it has taught us to appreciate the things we love with the free time that we have on our hands. At AWD-IT, we have continued to supply professionals and aspiring gamers who want the perfect set up, and we have created AWESOME collaborations with some amazing gamers. They have shared their tips, opinions and advice on how they have grown their gaming and career prospects during COVID-19.

We would like to thank all of the creators who have contributed to this. Another thanks to the creators for the hours of streaming they have created for us to watch, as we like many others have found ourselves watching a lot more of their content. We asked a series of questions to share with you -

Who/what influences your passion for gaming?

How did your gamer journey begin?

Have you had more time to game during lockdown and what is your favourite “gaming find” during this time?

What advice would you give to an aspiring gamer who wants to pursue this professionally, like yourself?

What are you waiting for? Let’s see what our first gamer has to say!

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LEVITATION_4D (what a cool name right?) has been in love with video games for over a decade! He is becoming more successful every day as a result of his fantastic content, that helps gamers to get the best possible gaming experience from their home set up.

LEVITATION_4D, we salute you. An amazing example of someone who is dedicated to continually growing, from all at AWD-IT we would like to say, you are doing an amazing job.

Let’s see what he has to say!


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Join the journey of the fantastic Crazyredboy.

Crazyredboy is a great example of someone who has created the perfect balance in life by following your dream career and growing as a person.

If you love to watch streamers that play a range of games, then we recommend you check him out and give him a follow.

Here are his answers -


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Do you enjoy walkthroughs, how to guides and gaming tech reviews? If the answer is yes, we recommend that you go and check out the awesome Simon, aka L.O.G!

On the L.O.G channel, he covers everything to make your gaming life easier, including hacks for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC Gaming, with PC becoming his speciality.

We are enjoying seeing him continue to succeed and grow across multiple platforms whilst creating superior content that we love.

Let’s find out what he has to say


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Looking to build an awesome computer on a budget and need some expertise? Well it's time to call in OzTalksHW!

Ozi’s passion for technology has enabled him to reach new heights in the world of social media, as he provides his viewers with PC building advice, helping to make your setup an 11/10.

Ozi helps avid gamers and tech lovers realise that having a healthy life and gaming balance is so important, and that is why he is appreciated by us and has thousands upon thousands of subscribers.

We can't wait to see him grow and help more technology-loving enthusiasts.

Let’s take a look at his answers -


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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a GAMING PANDA!

UnrealYuki thrives with his gaming profession due to the passion and love that he receives from his loyal community. He specialises in playing a range of games for viewers to walkthrough and enjoy with him along the way, as well as sharing his real emotions and thoughts, which is amazing to see within the gaming community.

With over 71 thousand followers on Twitch, we can't wait to see him reach 100k and beyond. It is amazing to see creators who really take the health of themselves and others into consideration. And for that, we (virtually) applaud him.

Let's take a look at UnrealYuki’s answers -


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All the way from Colorado, this group of streamers provide 24/7 live content from their amazing streaming house! Perfect to suit any time zone that wants to watch some amazing game play from a variety of experts.

The DownTo Quest crew consists of Razor, Jack, Toast, Aphro, Bucks, Dabaphile (very unique names, we like it) and they have worked hard continually to provide the very best for their fans! We hope they keep going as they are AWESOME!

Let's take a look at their answers (provided by Jack) -

Here at AWD-IT, we would like to thank every gamer that has partnered with us to make this awesome collaboration piece. We hope everyone has enjoyed reading this, because we enjoyed creating it, for sure!

If you would like to collaborate with us, or if you would like to find out more about what we do, at AWD-IT, then feel free to get in touch!