​Have You Been Wondering What Some Of The Worlds Best Content Creators Opinions Are Within The Gaming Industry?

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Have you been wondering what some of the worlds best content creators opinions are within the gaming industry? Well, lucky for you so have we! We have collected an abundance of awesome information from some of your favourite entertainers about the following questions:

What team are you? Intel or AMD?

What's your favourite game to play on PC at the moment?

Did you build your PC or buy it pre-built?

What do you think the next big thing is going to be in the gaming industry?

Let’s get started by seeing what our first gamer has to say.



One of the first creators we contacted was TheCrackFoxTV. He is a very passionate Twitch streamer who thoroughly enjoys interacting with his community and playing World of Warcraft.

As of writing this, he has an amazing, yet ever growing follower count of 1,235. Let’s see what he has to say below.



Barry is an amazing content creator, who loves making review videos, debate videos, story videos and much more! His channel was created in 2013 and over that time he has achieved an impressive subscriber count of 200,000+. “Console Peasant Quotes 28” is one of his most popular videos, amassing more than 650,000 views, we can’t wait to see his channel continue to grow!

Now, what kind of answers do you think we will find from Barry? Let’s take a look.



With a phenomenal 833K subscribers, Zach (aka. LoverFella) is another creator who loves to post helpful gaming tutorials, alongside videos which help his viewers get to know more about who’s behind the controller, with his vlogs. He is also said to feature some of the best gameplay on the planet! Zach’s well known for producing videos around Minecraft, so there’s no surprise about his favourite game choice. His ‘Surprising a Noob With a Brand New Base’ video in 2019 reached a massive 4 million plus views, so, don’t miss out on what he has to say.



Another fellow Twitch streamer, CreeHaa mainly plays FPS games but also loves to delve into some less known games too. Currently, with an ever-growing follow count of just under 20K, it is not long now until CreeHaa meets his 20 thousand milestone! We are all rooting for him.

Here is what he has to say about the ever-growing gaming industry:

Total Gaming


With a WHOPPING 4.43 million subscribers, Ajay’s channel is going from strength to strength, where he features himself playing popular PC games and even mobile games (which you don’t tend to see on most gaming Youtubers accounts.)

His account, Total Gaming is still a baby, as it was only created towards the end of 2018, but his content has conjured over 375 million views. His content is clearly awesome!

Ghost Trapped


All the way from down under! Ghost Trapped is a professional Fortnite player for Ghost Gaming, who has 109K subscribers (so close to an impressive 110K, you can do this!)

Jackson specialises in being an elite controller player and helps to create amazing content for his follow count when he can. What kind of answers do you think he will provide?



Exactly what she says on her username, TallGirlGamer (aka. Lauren) is an amazing 6ft 1inches in height and has grown up with the love of gaming since she was around 6 years old.

She is a keen Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and PC gamer and shows her nearly 10k Instagram followers a little insight into her life everyday. P.s. Your Instagram feed is to die for (Fellow pink lover typing this…)

Let's see what Lauren thinks!



Another up and coming Youtuber, Agent Wolf (Very cool name by the way) specialises in everything to do with Fortnite playing and streaming, which he showcases to his 4.97K subscribers nearly every day. But let’s get him to 5K! More people deserve to see his hard work.

What kind of answers do you think Agent Wolf will provide? Let’s find out -

Hoosier Hardware


All the way from the USA, Hoosier Hardware features elite gaming and tech in one place for his 14.2K Youtube subscribers, he also answers all the gaming questions anyone can ever think of, so if you would like to make your knowledge elite, then make sure to have a look at his channel and click the subscribe button.

He is another AMD fan, but what do you think his other answers are going to be like? -

Kristofer Yee


Kristofer Yee is on a mission to become famous! But with his impressive 371K subscribers, we would say he is already there!

Kristofer specialises in PC tech, budget building and gaming, where he produces amazing content for his subscribes over various different social platforms.

We can’t wait to see you reach your 400K milestone!

Here at AWD-IT, we would like to thank every gamer that has partnered with us to make this awesome collaboration piece. We hope everyone has enjoyed reading this, because we enjoyed creating it, for sure!

If you would like to collaborate with us, or if you would like to find out more about what we do, at AWD-IT, then feel free to get in touch!


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