Hottest Launch Ever! The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 is HERE!!!

Posted by   Paul Dunn

It seems entirely fitting that on what is surely the UK's hottest day of the year in terms of the weather, NVIDIA are launching what is surely one of their hottest products to date! That's right, the GTX 1060 is here, and while temperature is certainly not going to be an issue with this card, it's certainly hot in all other departments. Let's take a closer look:

Whether you're a professional eSports player who demands the highest frame rates or a core gamer who lives to play every game at ultra settings, GeForce GTX1060 delivers the ultimate gaming experience.

With up to 3x the performance of previous generation graphics cards, no game is a challenge.

Todays games are not just more graphics intensive than ever before. They also offer new ways to play. With the unprecendented performance and technologies of GeForce GTX 10 series graphics cards, you can now explore the exciting new world of VR, play at ultra high definitions and even capture 360 degree screenshots.

Guarantee your ultimate gaming experience with GeForce GTX 1060, Game Ready Drivers, and GeForce Experience Optimal Playable Settings. Together, they deliver rock-solid reliability and maximise graphics quality while delivering the best frame rates possible.



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