Intel Coffee Lake / Z370 Chipset

Posted by   Paul Dunn

Intel's 8th-generation desktop CPU architecture is here - moving to the new Z370 Chipset and with performance up to 45% better than Kaby Lake processors, the new Intel Coffee Lake platform boasts two new CPU's per tier (i3, i5 and i7).

In the i3 bracket there is the Core i3-8100 and it’s overclockable counterpart, the Core i3-8350K.

At the mid range, the Core i5-8400 and the unlocked, overclock-ready i5-8600K.

And at the top end we have the Core i7-8700 and, what Intel are calling their best ever gaming chip, the Core i7-8700K.

Intels improvements to their 14nm manufacturing process means that the i3 CPU's are now quad core, and the i5's and i7's are now hexa core, with the vanguard i7-8700K possessing six cores and 12 threads, with a top end frequency of 4.7GHz.

To compliment the new chips, we have a wide range of motherboards already on offer, with more to follow. from value boards with all the basic features, through to LED illuminated gaming boards boasting the latest hardware and expansion.

View the current range HERE!


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