NEW! Awesome Low-Cost Gaming Keyboards from Game Max

Posted by   ADMI Limited

Game Max Typhoon Backlit Gaming Keyboard with 3 Colour LED - ONLY £13.00

The Game Max Typhoon keyboard can be used in low light or dark condition, thanks to the LED backlight. The 3 colour LED gives the user the ability to select the colour of their choice (Red / Blue / Purple). The multimedia keys allow the user to do common functions (Open My Computer, open Calculator, Play / Pause media, etc) all at the youch of a button. With the additional software included, the user is able to program any standard key on the keyboard to any of the following: Different keystroke, mouse button, macro (series of keystrokes), and also they are able to different profiles, allowing for any number of key / mouse combinations to be used with one simple key press.

Game Max Hurricane Backlit Gaming Keyboard with 3 Colour LED - £13.00

The Game Max Hurricane keyboard, is ideal for todays demanding PC gaming market. With its LED backlight and illuminated keys, it can be used in low light or dark conditions. The 6 macro keys, allow gamers to program a series of keystrokes into a single key to aid them during gameplay. 3 profile keys allow the gamer to set / select 3 sets of macro keys, so up to 18 macro keys in total can be programmed. The 9 multimedia keys, allow the user to do common multimedia functions, such as Play / Pause media, open default e-mail program (Not web-mail), open my computer, etc.