​NEW! in Audio: Creative ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with iPhone and iPodDock

Posted by   ADMI Limited

Creative ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with iPhone and iPodDock - £59.99

One-piece Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone & iPod

Stream wireless audio seamlessly from any Bluetooth® device! Comes bundled with a wireless transmitter that fits most 30-pin iPods or iPhone.

The ZiiSound D5 speakers redefine the way music is to be enjoyed - wirelessly in pristine form. Sit back and enjoy an audiophile-like experience like no other has done. Our award-winning Bluetooth® technology present in our Inspire S2 Wireless 2.1 speakers are being ported over to the ZiiSound D5, bringing to you the best wireless audio can offer.

With its top-notch sound quality coupled with sleek contemporary design, the ZiiSound D5 is an all-rounded winner - hands down. These speakers have been awarded the celebrated red dot award for outstanding product design by a demanding jury of experts. Encased in a silky smooth black mesh cloth, a monocoque design and delicately placed amplifiers, an excellent performance with good bass and space is achieved.

Pair up this premium one-piece speaker system effortlessly with any compatible stereo Bluetooth device, such as your notebook or mobile phone, and immerse in the music that fills the whole room. Try it on with your iPhone or iPod1, plug in the bundled transmitter to gain total control over the speakers and enjoy immaculate wireless music playback.

ZiiSound D5 - simply pristine, wireless audio.

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