NEW! Range of Microlab Speakers Available Now!

Posted by   ADMI Limited

Microlab FC 530U 64W Wooden 2.1 Subwoofer Speakers with FM Radio & USB

A few years ago, ordinary users were unaware that they would soon be able to play music from memory cards and other digital media.
This is now possible thanks to Microlab’s new models equipped with special USB and SD card ports.
Now it’s even easier to play your favorite tracks, which you carry everywhere!

Listen directly from USB or SD card!
Based on the FC-530, this model has incorporated its best features.
The housings of the subwoofer and satellites, made from MDF, transmit the clearest sound possible, which is so important for true music lovers.
We’ve made the remote control more elegant and given it many more features.

1.Powerful 2.1 subwoofer system with full range acoustic production and cabinet satellites in all wood finish 2.Unique user friendly design with support for instant digital music playback and FM radio
3.Satellites are magnetically shielded and comes with remote control

- 2.1 woofer system with full range acoustic production and cabinet satellites
- eAirbass design, Microlab own proprietory technology - Bass with natural depth and range
- 5.25" woofer system for deep vocal and bass effects. All magnetically shielded
- Designed by Denmark acoustic expert, Peter Larsen V12 FineCone technology
- Amplifier unit with full front controls and includes remote control
- Full multi input capabilities with USB and SD slot interfaces

Microlab SOLO 15 Wooden 2.0 80W Stereo Speakers

High fidelity stereo wooden cabinet system for your music entertainment. A truly stereo experience using Microlab years of audio experiences in design and audio expertise, the SOLO15 uses top quality speaker drivers with near perfect linear frequency response and provides full range performances.
Special heritage range for Microlab's 2.0 system that employs high quality design techniques and speaker technology - perfect sound quality and near linear response. Incorporates IGBT OCL circuit for pure tones and dynamic acoustic production. High quality sound and full range spectrum, ideal for all music lovers and audiophiles

- Beautiful wooden cabinets with excellence sound quality, powerful 2-way speaker system
- Crystal clear dynamic highs, balanced mid range and deep bass
- Reference monitor quality, driven by high quality drivers
- Each cabinet with 1" tweeter for high notes and woofer for mid to low depths and bass. Side volume control for easy access.
- Ideal for high fidelity music, movies and digital media playbacks

Microlab B 77 Wooden 48W 2.0 PC Speakers

Clear and powerful stereo bookshelf speaker system with excellent speaker drivers. Ideal for music / movie entertainment and multimedia applications. Great sound from specially design wooden cabinets that entertains you in most occasions.
Features bass and treble controls for your preferred sound effects.
Perfect sound every time from your music playbacks and for your perfect entertainment. Uncolored audio, precise position, high resolution and depth with Microlab own audio technology and design.

Bookshelf stereo speaker system
Wood cabinet for warm sound effects
Bass reflex tunnel design for deeper bass
Full range sound system, ideal for most digital playback devices
Front master volume and rear bass/treble controls
Terminal speaker connection for professional sound connection

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