NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Pre-Release Speculation!

Posted by   Paul Dunn

So it looks like the world will be able to get their paws on NVIDIA's latest PASCAL vehicle, the GTX 1050 on or around the 18th October.

Along with it's tweaked-up brother the 1050 Ti, this release is almost as hotly anticipated as the 1070 and 1080 previously.

So where will the 1050 land in terms of performance and price?

There's nothing confirmed as yet, although some 'leaked' benchmarks suggest its gonna sit bang in between the GTX 960 and RX 470 in terms of performance, with the founders/vanilla card's price tag hitting the £150 mark - however this is pure speculation at this point.

We are sure that the GTX 1050 is poised to bring 1080 gaming at a very affordable price, meaning budget gamers should be very, very excited for this card


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