First Look -AMD Ryzen CPU's with Radeon Vega Graphics

Posted by   Paul Dunn

We got our hands on a couple of samples of the forthcoming RYZEN 5 2400G WITH RADEON RX VEGA11 GRAPHICS and RYZEN 3 2200G WITH RADEON VEGA8 GRAPHICS so have been able to take a sneaky look at what these amazing CPU's can do!

While we aren't allowed to tell you much in detail before the launch date, we can confirm that AMD have really raised the bar with this game-changing hardware. The RYZEN 5 2400G and the RYZEN 3 2200G will allow you to run the latest titles without the expense of a discreet graphics card.

The CPU's are the first “Zen”-Based APU with High-Performance On-Die “Vega”-Based Graphics, offering significant CPU Performance and GPU Performance gains over their predecessors.

The RYZEN 5 2400G WITH RADEON RX VEGA11 GRAPHICS is a 4 core / 8thread beast which boasts a 3.9GHz Max Boost and the RYZEN 3 2200G WITH RADEON VEGA8 GRAPHICS has 4 cores and 4 threads with a Max Boost of 3.7GHz. The chips are equipped with 11 and 8 Vega Graphics Cores respectively.

Check out our teaser video for our new range of gaming PC systems featuring the new AMD Ryzen Desktop Processor with Radeon Vega Graphics Processors - with cases by Cooler Master and internal hardware by AMD!

Also, we will be putting the new chips through their paces on a range of games and running comparison benchmarks with equivalent Intel hardware so stay tuned for the next video!


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