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ASUS ROG GX850 Gaming Mouse Black
(£27.49 ex VAT)
ASUS ROG GX950 Gaming Mouse Black
(£24.99 ex VAT)
Asus STRIX Claw 5000DPI Optical Gaming Mouse Asus STRIX Claw 5000DPI Optical Gaming Mouse

When gaming, your hand may as well be glued to the mouse. The design of our selected gaming mice make it comfortable to be sat for long periods of time with your hand on the mouse. Additional buttons on our gaming mice means a slicker, smoother and quicker navigation meaning you’re not wasting precious time by moving around the screen.

Different types of gaming mice:

Palm grip -

Palm grip gaming mice are the most common and most comfortable for daily use. Hands are completely placed on the mouse with full contact, although provides less accuracy when clicking.

For example: Ambidextrous Wireless gaming mouse.

Claw grip -

Claw grip gaming mice are recommended for more precise clicking, although more uncomfortable than the palm grip mice, it works super well for gamers. With this gaming mouse, the fingertips and the back of the palm are in contact with the mouse.

For example: Asus ROG Aura gaming mouse.

Fingertip grip -

The most uncomfortable gaming mice for long periods yet it holds the most control. It also has the most natural feeling allowing for extra quick movement. This mouse is held by the fingertips only with the palm resting on a mousepad.

For example: Corsair Harpoon