Embrace Performance and Elegance: Power your Passion

Step into the world of next-level gaming performance and elegance with our exclusive range of White Gigabyte gaming PCs. Engineered for both enthusiasts and professionals, these PCs combine cutting-edge technology with stylish design to redefine your gaming experience. Whether you're diving into intense gaming sessions or demanding creative tasks, our White Gigabyte gaming PCs deliver exceptional power and reliability.







Experience the AWD-IT 6500X.

Exceptional gaming and creative power with the AWD-IT 6500X gaming PC, featuring premium Gigabyte components like the Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX ICE motherboard and the Gigabyte AERO GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB graphics card.

Housed in the Corsair 6500X for superior airflow and cooling, this PC delivers lifelike lighting, reflections, and AI-enhanced image quality through the Aero RTX 4080 SUPER. Enjoy smooth multitasking and immersive gaming with the seamlessly integrated AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D gaming processor and Gigabyte's advanced motherboard.







Discover the AWD-IT Vision ICE.

Featuring the Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX ICE motherboard and Gigabyte AERO RTX 4070 graphics card, it delivers powerful performance with real-time ray tracing and AI-enhanced graphics. Designed for both style and efficiency, this PC ensures smooth gameplay and reliable cooling, making it ideal for immersive gaming experiences and demanding tasks alike.







Uncover the AWD-IT Y40 Snow White

Combining sleek style with powerful performance. Featuring the Gigabyte B650 Aorus Elite AX ICE and the Gigabyte EAGLE ICE RTX 4070 SUPER graphics card, it delivers swift processing and immersive gaming with real-time ray tracing and AI technology. Perfect for gamers and creators alike, this PC ensures reliability and efficiency in every task, setting a new standard in desktop computing.