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Graphics Cards

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What Graphics Card Do I Need?

We get asked this a lot and the first reply is simply - it depends what kind of games you plan on playing and at what screen resolution. You can group graphics cards into three areas: integrated graphics solutions which tend to be a good starting point and are built into your PCs processor, the mainstream choice which is a good catch all for action gaming and more of an intermediate weight gamer, and then finally the top end graphics card which is for the heavy weight gamer. To choose the right one for you check out our product descriptions and they will guide you to exactly what you need. Just make sure that the motherboard has a slot available to accept the card and that your power supply can handle it! Computer graphics can really enhance your immersion into the world of gaming.

One of the hottest selling computer components due to their rapid paced technological development and that of the games they are here to enhance. Our range of graphics cards include the monster brands of Nvidia, AMD and ATI. They are responsible for displaying better images to your PC, refining the quality of the resolution for superior gaming and streaming. They not only improve the efficiency of your monitor but have their own memory, meaning that it won’t use your PC’s RAM and your PC will run faster and smoother. The realm of the gaming visual experience is a complex one for those new on the scene so if you need any help making your selection then do get in touch! If you have great graphics now you just need top peripherals to appreciate them.