Simple, Synchronised, Smart Components | PC Building Just Got Easy With Corsair iCUE Link

Welcome to Corsair iCUE Link Smart Components at AWD-IT, where DIY PC building meets gaming innovation. Experience the future of PC customisation with iCUE Link, a groundbreaking smart component ecosystem designed to simplify your building journey. Bid farewell to tangled cables and complex connectors as iCUE Link streamlines connectivity for a seamless setup. With the ability to synchronise and manage up to 14 iCUE LINK devices via a single System Hub, your control is unlimited. Embracing the simplicity of one connector will free you from the hassle of multiple cables. From fans to AIO coolers and Hydro X Series custom cooling, iCUE LINK components offer exclusive features like Time Warp lighting mode and built-in microcontrollers, ensuring enhanced system monitoring. Thanks to Corsair iCUE Link, PC building is no longer reserved for pro enthusiasts… Beginners are welcome.

  1. Corsair iCue Link System Hub - CL-9011116-WW
    Corsair iCue Link System Hub - CL-9011116-WW
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