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The main goal of a quality CPU is speed and durance. Intel CPU gaming PC’s are amongst the most popular on the market right now, with technology such as the Intel Turbo Boost which actively boosts the speed of your CPU, even for the most demanding tasks.

There are 4 main Intel Core Processors. i3, i5, i7 and i9 - with i9 being the best performing and i3 being the lowest.

So what’s the difference?

i3 intel core processors are great for everyday PC tasks, with a prolonged battery life and quick charge, they support hyper-threading and virtualisation much like the others and have 4 cores.

i5 Intel core processors don’t offer hyper threading with the Dual Core Processors but do offer the outstanding turbo boost technology and you will notice a big difference in speed from the i3. The latest i5 processors have been bumped up to 6 cores, rather than the original 4.

The core i7 Processors come in several different varieties with the difference being the chipset. The i7 processors have a larger on-board cache, larger caching means a better performance when multitasking.

Core i9 is the latest intel core processor available at the moment, it offers 8 cores as standard and goes all the way up to 18 cores! It is the most powerful option, of course including hyper threading and turbo boost technology. This core processor transforms your computer into the coolest, fastest and most powerful specs on the market right now.