GameMax Razor 6400 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse

Unleash precision gaming with the GameMax Razor 6400 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse. Engineered for gamers, this mouse offers customizable RGB lighting and a high-precision sensor with up to 6400 DPI sensitivity. With ergonomic design and programmable buttons, the GameMax Razor ensures a comfortable and personalized gaming experience. Elevate your gameplay with style and precision – the ultimate gaming companion.

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Brand GameMax
Model Number GMX-MS-RAZOR
Colour Black


GameMax Razor 6400 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse


Step into the world of precision gaming with the GameMax Razor 6400 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse, a feature-packed device designed to enhance your gaming experience. Engineered with gamers in mind, this mouse combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design, providing both style and performance.


At the heart of the GameMax Razor is a high-precision sensor capable of reaching up to 6400 DPI sensitivity. This allows for swift and accurate cursor movements, giving gamers the edge they need in fast-paced and competitive environments. Whether you're navigating expansive virtual landscapes or engaging in intense combat scenarios, the GameMax Razor ensures precision control at your fingertips.


Customization is key, and the RGB lighting on the GameMax Razor adds a dynamic visual element to your gaming setup. Choose from a spectrum of colors and lighting effects to match your style or create an immersive gaming atmosphere. The customizable RGB lighting not only enhances aesthetics but also allows you to personalize your gaming experience.


Designed with comfort in mind, the GameMax Razor features an ergonomic design that fits naturally in your hand, reducing fatigue during extended gaming sessions. The mouse is equipped with programmable buttons, allowing you to assign specific functions and macros to streamline your gameplay. This level of customization ensures that the GameMax Razor adapts to your unique gaming preferences.


The GameMax Razor is more than just a gaming mouse; it's a versatile and reliable gaming companion that elevates your gameplay to new heights. Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive enthusiast, the GameMax Razor 6400 DPI RGB Gaming Mouse provides the precision, style, and comfort you need to succeed in the virtual world.


Upgrade your gaming setup with the GameMax Razor and experience precision gaming like never before. Elevate your gameplay with a mouse that combines style, performance, and customization – the ultimate gaming companion.


Connectivity: USB

Button Qty: 8 Buttons

LED Colour: RGB

Material: ABS

Cable Length: 1.5m

Resolution: 800 / 1600 / 2400 / 3200 / 4800 / 6400

Button M.T.B.F.: 5 Million Keystrokes

Maximum Accleration: 12G

Mouse Type: Optical Gaming Mouse

Mouse Grip: 4000fps

On-Sensor Code: Sunplus 199IC

Maximum Tracking Speed: 32 Inch/Second

Polling Rate: 125HZ

Working Power: 50mA

Working Voltage: 5V

Has Mains Plug: No

Colour: Black

What’s In The Box: Mouse, Manual

Unit (Product) Dimensions (mm):    65mm x 41mm x 128mm (W x H x D)

Packaging Dimensions (mm): 165mm x 205mm x 55mm (W x H x D)

Net Weight (KGs): 0.16 KGs

Gross Weight (KGs): 0.28 KGs