AMD Ryzen 8000 Series

In the dynamic world of graphics processing units (GPUs), AMD has once again raised the bar with the introduction of its latest offering, the AMD Radeon 7600XT. Packed with cutting-edge features and a powerhouse performance, this GPU is set to redefine the gaming and content creation experience for desktop users.

AMD Ryzen 8000 Series


In the wake of AMD's groundbreaking revelation of cutting-edge AI-focused silicon, the tech giant returns with another game-changer. Stealing the spotlight at CES 2024, AMD has lifted the curtain on its much-anticipated Ryzen 8000-series desktop processors. Building on the momentum from the December debut of the Ryzen 8040 mobile APU series, these processors boast a dedicated focus on elevating AI processing capabilities, signaling a new era for desktop computing power.

AMD Ryzen™ 8000G Series Desktop Processors Deliver Impressive Graphics and Productivity in a Single Package:

All processor models within the 8000G Series boast the swiftest integrated graphics in their category, harnessing the formidable power of Radeon 700M.2 This results in an outstanding visual experience for gamers, delivering seamless AAA 1080p gaming at a budget-friendly price and in compact form factors. Specifically, the Ryzen™ 7 8700G is equipped with Radeon 780M graphics, setting the benchmark for the fastest integrated graphics available in a desktop processor.3 The 8000G Series caters to those seeking entry into the AM5 ecosystem, ensuring a fluid 1080p gaming experience today. Additionally, users have the flexibility to upgrade with a discrete graphics card later on for an even more immersive and high-fidelity gameplay experience.

All models within the comprehensive 8000G Series come equipped with AMD EXPO™ technology, empowering users with elevated memory frequencies and advanced timings that result in enhanced frame rates.4 Additionally, Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) facilitates effortless one-touch overclocking, providing users with an additional CPU boost by raising power limits.