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Shop Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 Gaming PCs here at AWD-IT. This powerhouse GPU with its innovative features including DLSS 3 AI Upscaling and real-time ray tracing, combined with handpicked, high-end components creates a PC that’s not just great for gamers but a perfect choice for content creators too. Leveraging DLSS 3, this graphics card offers remarkable performance gains, while its third-generation RT cores optimise ray tracing for intricate and complex in-game elements such as foliage, delivering a truly immersive experience. The RTX 4080 gaming pc sets new standards, surpassing even the RTX 3090 Ti by up to double the performance, especially when paired with DLSS 3 and DLSS Frame Generation, exclusive breakthroughs tailored to the RTX 40 Series GPUs. Remember all our PCs come with 3 years warranty as standard.

  1. AWD-IT H7 Flow Intel i5 14600KF 14 Core 5.3GHz Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB Desktop PC for Gaming
    AWD-IT H7 Flow Intel i5 14600KF 14 Core 5.3GHz Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB Desktop PC for Gaming
    £1,899.99 £1,583.32
    Built to order
  2. AWD-IT Corsair 5000D RGB Airflow White Intel i9 13900KF 16 Core RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB Desktop PC for Gaming
    AWD-IT Corsair 5000D RGB Airflow White Intel i9 13900KF 16 Core RTX 4080 SUPER 16GB Desktop PC for Gaming
    Special Price £2,499.99 £2,083.32 was £2,899.99
    Built to order

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If you are reading this then we know you're after the best of the best, and the RTX 4080 Is currently one of the best Graphics Card Nvidia can offer to its community of Hardcore Gamers, Overclockers and Creators. This new Flagship model by Nvidia is crafted from the best technologies possible to offer performance that has simply not been seen before thanks to Real Time Ray Tracing offering stunning cinematic experiences.

You'll be able to play your favourite games with extra responsiveness and increased graphical fidelity. The pinnacle of Gaming PC performance is here.


Get Next Generation performance with our RTX 4080 gaming PCs from AWD-IT. Built on the innovative Ada Lovelace architecture, which features the latest generations of Ray Tracing and Tensor cores. The nvidia RTX 4080 makes the perfect gaming rig!

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 is the Perfect Graphics card for Enthusiast Gamer looking for ultrafast performance that allows for you to bring your best performances to the battlefield, thanks to real time ray-tracing enhanced by A.I technology called DLSS 3.0 which is boosting the efficient and powerful Ada Lovelace architecture for RTX 4000 Series.

What’s to love about RTX 4080?

  • 16GB GDDR6X MEMORY – This is perfect for virtual reality where VRAM is heavily utilised
  • 4K Gaming with all the bells and whistles turned up to 11 with Ray Tracing and be extremely demanding for your system but for the RTX 4080 it's childs play.
  • DLSS 3.0 SUPPORT – DLSS 3.0 will allow gamers to boost performance without having to lower graphical fidelity.
  • Real-time Ray Tracing – Ray Tracing allows gamers to play games with the most realistic lighting, shadows and reflections.
  • Nvidia G-Sync – Thanks to this technology gamers are able to play games tear-free at high frame rates with HDR support and more!
  • Resizeable BAR - Resizeable BAR is an advanced PCI Express feature that enables the CPU to access the entire GPU frame buffer at once, improving performance in many games.
RTX 4090 Gaming PC PerformanceRTX 4090 Gaming PC Performance


The RTX 4080 is incredibly powerful and is a great improvement over the 3000 Series and the perfect time for RTX 2000 owners to transform their battlestation with the latest RT, Tensor and Cuda cores. This new leap In performance means in Cyberpunk 2077 you can see 3x increase compared to the 3080ti of the previous generation of RTX 3000.



Ray Tracing

RTX (Real Time Ray Tracing) is the most advanced development for PC Gaming with the most revolutionary and jaw dropping graphics. This stunningly beautiful technology is now available in over 250 top games to give gamers the most realistic graphics yet. With incredible performance thanks to NVIDIA A.I technology, such as NVIDIA DLSS 3.0 making RTX visuals fluid and responsive.

Perfect gaming rig

These architecture advances have allowed NVIDIA to provide the RTX 4080 with new RT and Tensor cores, which have been able to boost rasterized performance beyond previously unthinkable limits making 8K gaming a reality.


NVIDIA CUDA Cores 9728
Boost Clock (GHz) 2510MHz
Memory Size 16GB
Memory Type GDDR6X
Max Display Resolution

4K at 240Hz or
8K at 60Hz, with DSC

Next Gen Power

PCIE 5.0 Power Support (12VHPWR): RTX 40 Series is the first of its kind to have the new standard for GPU power input – These new cables allow you (if you have a supported PSU) to use just one cable to power your new RTX 40 Series Cards.

Don’t have one of these new fancy pants Power Supplies then don’t worry you will just need to use the power adapter included with your Graphics card from the manufacturer, or you can purchase an ATX 3.0 PSU.

If you're purchasing a System from us we'll make sure you're all up and running with the correct amount of power!


  • PCIE 4.0 X 16 SLOT (For best performance)
  • 850W Power supply or greater
  • MIN 3 x 8 pin PCIE Connectors + Adapter provided / 450W or greater PCIE GEN 5 power cable



What power supply requirements do I need?

Nvidia suggests the use of a 750w or higher PSU but we highly suggest calculating this based on what other parts are in your system as well such as CPU, Cooling, Ram etc. Additionally you will need 3 PCIE 3.0 connectors to use with the supplied adapter or a PCIE 5.O PSU with a gen 5 cable with the ability to supply 450W+ of power. If you require advice on this then feel free to contact us and we will aim to assist. ATX 3.0 PSUs available to buy.

RTX 4090 Overkill Gaming PCRTX 4090 Overkill Gaming PC

Is an RTX 4080 Gaming PC overkill?

In a way absolutely! But being able to push the boundaries and offer a New era of Gaming PC performance is what we're all about at AWD-IT. Offering you the choice to fulfil your Gaming Potential with our high quality systems, with the latest hardware whilst still being affordable compared to the competition. Built by PC system specialists, with our 3 Year Warranty.

Looking to purchase but can't spare the cash? Don't worry we also offer credit options such as Klarna Finance with 12-24 month options at 19.90% apr at the checkout. "Please spend responsibly. Finance is only available to permanent UK residents aged 18+, subject to status, Ts and Cs apply."

RTX 4090 VR Gaming PCRTX 4090 VR Gaming PC

Can I use the RTX 4080 for VR?

Immerse yourself in a new world with our enthusiast RTX 4080 Gaming PCs - With cutting edge support for all of the top VR headsets, and GeForce Game Ready Drivers include the latest performance tweaks and updates for VR titles.

Compatible Headsets Include:

Meta Quest Pro
Meta Oculus Quest 2
Meta Oculus Quest
Meta Oculus Rift S
Meta Oculus Rift
Valve Index
HP G2 Reverb
HP Reverb
Pico 4
HTC VIVE Focus 3
Windows Mixed Reality

Refer to your headset manufacturer’s recommendations for system requirements.