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Gaming PCs

Looking for a new Gaming PC? Not sure what you need to buy?

Gaming PCs have become extremely popular in the last 10 years and it is safe to say will still be extremely popular in the next 10 years. A gaming computer varies depending on budget and requirements but we stock something for every audience. We offer gaming systems from some of the best including AMD and Gigabyte. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate so it is hard to stay up-to-date in terms of graphics cards and the top speed of devices. AWD-IT keep customers appraised of all the new developments and pick the best packages available. Gamers are looking for the best possible Gaming PC out there so they can run the latest games and compete, and we understand that. Browse our competitive range, choose your gaming computer, and if you need any help at all then get in touch and we will help you find the spec you need.

If you are really not sure what you are looking for when it comes to a powerful PC for gaming then we recommend that you read the full features listed and the reviews provided by customers. Those will give you an insight into what that PC is built for and whether it meets your needs, or you could download our pdf 'What Goes into a Gaming PC'. Happy browsing!

AWD Z370 PUBG 8700K 4.7GHz GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 VR Gaming PC AWD Z370 Intel I7 8700K 4.7GHz GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 VR Gaming PC IF10
AWD Z370 PUBG 8700K 4.7GHz GTX 1070 8GB DDR5 VR PC
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