AWD-IT H9 CUBE Intel i5 14600KF 14 Core RTX 4070Ti SUPER 16GB Windows 11 PC for Gaming

Experience the ultimate gaming performance with the AWD-IT NZXT H9 CUBE PC. Powered by an Intel i5 14600KF 14 Core processor and RTX 4070Ti SUPER 16GB graphics card, this Windows 11 PC delivers stunning visuals and seamless gameplay.

The sleek design of the NZXT H9 CUBE case adds a touch of style to your setup, while the 16GB of RAM ensures smooth multitasking. Take your gaming to the next level with this high-performance PC.

£1,999.99 £1,666.66
Built to order
3 years warranty included


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Brand AWD-IT
Warranty Support 3 Years
CPU Series Intel 13th Gen
CPU Model Intel i5 13600KF
CPU Cores 14
CPU Base Speed 2.6GHz (E-Core) / 3.5GHz (P-Core)
CPU Boost Speed 3.9GHz (E-Core) / 5.1GHz (P-Core)
CPU Cache 24MB
Graphics Card Memory Size 12GB
Graphics Card Memory Clock 21 Gbps


AWD-IT H9 CUBE Intel i5 14600KF 14 Core RTX 4070Ti SUPER 16GB Windows 11 PC for Gaming


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Our dedicated team of technicians rigorously test our gaming PCs with the latest games and stress tests, ensuring you know what frame rates to expect whilst playing your favourite games!

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Why You Should Purchase The AWD-IT H9 CUBE:

- Prebuilt and configured. Just turn it on and away you go!
- Up to 64GB Dual Channel DDR5 high speed memory delivers fast load times
- Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super 16GB Graphics Card
- Fourteen Core Intel i5 processing performance
- 1080p, 1440p & 4K Ultra HD Support
- DisplayPort & HDMI Support
- Quad Monitor Support
- Future Proof and Upgradeable


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New Streaming Multiprocessors
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Fourth-Gen Tensor Cores
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Third-Gen RT Cores
Up to 2x ray tracing performance


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NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

Realistic and Immersive Graphics

Dedicated Ray Tracing Cores

AI-Accelerated Performance


Game-Winning Responsiveness

NVIDIA Reflex low-latency platform

Built for Live Streaming

NVIDIA Encoder

AI-Enhanced Voice and Video

NVIDIA Broadcast

Fast-Track Your Creativity


Performance and Reliability

Game Ready and Studio Drivers


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