be quiet! Light Wings 12cm 1700 RPM ARGB PWM Case Fan - BL072

Enhance the airflow in your PC case with the be quiet! Light Wings fan case. This high-performance fan operates at 1700 RPM, ensuring ample cooling for your system. The ARGB lighting adds a stylish touch to your build, while the PWM functionality allows for precise control over fan speed. With its quiet operation, this fan is ideal for maintaining a peaceful computing environment. Upgrade your rig with the be quiet! Light Wings fan case and enjoy improved cooling and aesthetics.

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Brand Be Quiet
Model Number BL072
Warranty Support 3 Years
Colour Black


be quiet! Light Wings 12cm 1700 RPM ARGB PWM Case Fan - BL072 

If you are looking to enhance the cooling and aesthetics of your computer, the be Quiet! Light Wings is the perfect solution. With its advanced cooling technology and customizable ARGB lighting, this case fan is a must-have for any PC enthusiast.

Superior Cooling Performance

The be Quiet! Light Wings features a 1700 RPM motor, delivering powerful airflow to effectively dissipate heat from your computer components. This ensures that your system remains cool, even during intense gaming sessions or resource-heavy tasks. The fan's PWM control enables you to fine-tune the speed to suit your specific cooling needs, providing optimal performance and noise levels.

Dynamic ARGB Lighting

In addition to its impressive cooling capabilities, the be Quiet! Light Wings fan boasts vibrant ARGB lighting that adds an eye-catching visual element to your PC build. With customizable lighting effects and colors, you can create a personalized and captivating atmosphere inside your case. Whether you prefer a subtle glow or a vibrant showcase, the ARGB lighting of this fan will elevate the overall look of your system.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Despite its powerful performance, the be Quiet! Light Wings operates at a remarkably low noise level, ensuring a peaceful and distraction-free environment. You can enjoy the benefits of enhanced cooling without the disruption of loud fan noise, making it ideal for work, gaming, or media consumption.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

Installing the be Quiet! Light Wings case fan is a straightforward process, thanks to its universal 12cm size and standard mounting points. The fan is compatible with most PC cases and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing setup. Additionally, the included ARGB and PWM connectors simplify the installation and enable seamless integration with your motherboard's lighting and fan control systems.

Enhance Your PC Experience with the be Quiet! Light Wings

By incorporating the be Quiet! Light Wings into your PC build, you can enjoy a combination of superior cooling performance, dynamic ARGB lighting, and whisper-quiet operation. Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your system with this high-quality case fan, designed to meet the demands of modern PC enthusiasts. Invest in the be Quiet! Light Wings fan today and experience the difference it makes to your computer's performance and visual appeal.


Suitable location: Computer case
Fan connector: 4-pin
Pulse-width modulation (PWM) support: Yes
Rotational speed (max): 1700 RPM
Bearing type: Rifle bearing
Noise level (high speed): 20.6 dB
Type: Fan
Fan diameter: 12 cm
Supported processor sockets: Not supported
Compatible processor series: Not supported
Maximum airflow: 41.51 cfm
Maximum air pressure: 1.66 mmH2O
Airflow: 70.53 m³/h
Mean time between failures (MTBF): 60000 h
Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s)

Safety current: 0.38 Ah
Rated voltage: 12 V
Voltage: 5 - 13.2 V
Rated current: 0.6 A
Power consumption (typical): 4.56 W

Weight & dimensions
Fan dimensions (W x D x H): 120 x 120 x 25 mm
Package depth: 153 mm
Package width: 133 mm
Package height: 29.5 mm
Fan weight: 200 g
Width: 120 mm
Package weight: 267 g
Depth: 120 mm
Height: 25 mm
Cable length: 0.5 m