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Computer Accessories

No computer setup is complete without accompanying cool computer accessories or peripherals as people in the industry refer to them. AWD-IT has a fantastic range available including; keyboards, mice and gaming controllers. A selection of keyboards which are available have backlighting, making them a great addition for those who work late at the office, or wish to get some late night gaming in, or just want a funky looking keyboard! There are ranges of office and gaming keyboards by well-known brands including; Razer, KeySonic and Corsair. We also have a great range of headphones and earphones, speakers and gaming chairs in our computer accessories collection. It is those peripheral devices that ensure the best gaming experience possible.

What makes a good peripheral device stand out from the rest? There is some personal preference on look and feel but generally it comes down to quality whether that the quality of the sound, the speed (so how it interfaces with your PC) or wear and tear. We stay on point when it comes to ordering cool computer accessories because we know this is what can give you that edge when you fully submerged in an alternate gaming reality! What computer accessories will enhance your gaming performance? Want to know a bit more? download our pdf on Computer Accessories, Do they Enhance your PC Experience.

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